Acrylic Mounted Prints


I have recently begun to use a new medium for mounting and displaying my prints, mounting them on optically pure, 1/4" thick acrylic, backed by a white stability board for extra longevity and protection against moisture and handling. Prints mounted behind acrylic glass have remarkable optical depth and intensity. Colours are much more vivid and black and white prints are luminous and rich; all images really "pop". Acrylic mounting accentuates the depth of images while the acrylic glass layer protects photos from harmful UV rays, leaving photographs shining and protected. Acrylic is also much lighter and more robust than standard glass, making photographs easier to hang and display.

All acrylic mounted photos are ready to hang out of the shipping box. They are supplied with a pre-installed, integrated hanging system.

Acrylic Mounted Prints Price List (all dimensions in inches)
16x24         $375
18x24         $400        
20x30        $475       
24x32        $600        
24x36        $700        
30x40        $800        
36x48        $950