Between Toronto and Vancouver

Well, today is departure day. Got home from New York last night and thought that I was in good shape for packing for Oz. Never goes as smoothly as you expect, however. I’m trying to pack light as I only have one serious business day but because I don’t know where I’ll be staying as I’ll be driving all day and stopping when I get tired, I know that I won’t have a chance to do laundry. As a result I have packed way more than I had planned; going to be a daily workout just shifting luggage. My worst packing moment came when I was assembling photo equipment. Realized that I had somehow managed to lose two 16 Gig CF cards on my last US trip last week. I have never taken a trip, not even as short a one as an overnight, without losing or leaving behind at least one useful or important thing. It just seems to happen and on the NY trip it was my camera’s two biggest data cards. Had to rush to Vistek and buy a backup since I don’t want to pay Oz prices for camera equipment. Don’t know whether to treat this as a good omen since I’ve done a pre-emptive loss,  or as a bad omen of the multitude of equipment that I’ll be leaving in my wake. Have a pretty good idea however as I forgot my bag with my wallet and passport at a gift shop in the airport. Fortunately Virginia noticed just as I was going into security. I hate to think ...

Sydney - Day One

Somewhere between Vancouver and Sydney