Last night on the GOR tonight. Very mixed emotions; tired having covered 2,400k in the last 6 days, want to get home, want to see V, family and cats, but sorry to end the trip. Warrnambool BayTonight I'm in Warrnambool, the end of the GOR and, the additional attraction for me, a former whaling port that is now a sanctuary for whales. The very large bay that Warnambool sits beside is the winter home of right whales and their new calves, and there are sighting stations set up along the bluffs where you can watch for whales to breech. I spent a windswept hour in the fading light looking, but no joy. Relaxing and peaceful, nonetheless.

Checked in to my hotel and emptied the car, a den of corruption after 7 days of meals on the run, empty coffee cups and assorted detritus. Tonight was repack night. Not to get too particular, but my main suitcase has been getting and less cramped each day; at night I have been taking my suitcase and a plastic shopping bag into my hotel room. In the morning I get a clean change from my suitcase and take away the previous day's old clothes in the plastic bag. These were consolidated into a big plastic bag in the car. Today was my day of reckoning; needed to assemble my next three days clean clothes as I'm at Mark's tomorrow night and officially working on Tuesday so I wont have a chance to sort after today. Needed to pack for the plane, organize luggage and find room for all my equipment and dirty clothes and get everything organized into the way they will need to be for my Melbourne-Sydney flight on Tuesday evening. Whale watches on Warrnambool Bay Mission now accomplished and I'm about to have my last glass of wine and call it a day. Will try and post tomorrow night, but will be at Mark's so not sure if I'll have the chance.

Signing off for tonight.

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