Amsterdam Day Two

Slept late and caught up on jet lag deficit. Breakfast and then off to the conference to register for the program. Today is a day of pre-conference workshops but have not signed up for any so will only register for the conference and pick up my program to save time tomorrow. Took a taxi from my hotel to the conference centre at the university; it turns out to be a bit of hike, about 5k, as I quickly discovered. Day was pleasant, bright overcast with patches of sun and pleasantly cool with a breeze so I decided to walk back to the hotel. I programmed my route into Google maps on my iPhone and set off. I had worn loafers with no socks and the day which was pleasant when sitting was decidedly hot when walking with a bag full of conference bumpf, a camera and a couple of lenses, a coat and umbrella and two hot and blistered feet. Not exactly running a full marathon, but I was glad to get back to my hotel. Have not really taken any pictures yet and strangely, have not felt the urgency to take any. I’m usually continually looking around for angles, light and possible shots but I have just felt too peaceful enjoying the atmosphere to want to take pictures of it. I hope that this mood will pass and I’ll be back to normal tomorrow. And no, I have not been sampling coffee shops. Dinner at a very pleasant little outdoor cafe and an early bed.

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