Dublin Ireland - Getting ready

Have been planning a trip to Ireland for some time now; not going to be as long as we'd like but schedules are sometimes hard to massage. James, my son, has been working towards getting his accreditation as a CA for the last two years. He has been slugging away, doing a 4 year program in 2 years and has had a choice of firms that have offered him articling positions. He finished his last final exam, Taxation, last week and starts work at Price Waterhouse the day after Labour Day so we are going to squeeze in a golfing/touring holiday in Ireland to celebrate.Ruined church at Clonmacnoise, Ireland, August 2013. Original size 5679x3786px. (Gerald FitzGerald)

V and my daughter Diana have very generously offered to accompany us as trip co-directors and ceo's of logistics and planning. We of course are very pleased to have them with us as we will undoubtedly be unable to drive the car without their able assistance from the back seat and the difficulty of picking restaurants and ordering our meals might otherwise have been absolutely beyond our meager powers. So we are a pleased and excited group now that the party is complete and we leave tomorrow evening for Dublin. A brief layover there and then a local flight to Kerry airport where we'll pick up our car and drive to Dingle for the first three nights.

Di has just returned two days ago from 6 weeks traveling through Burma, Laos and Malaysia so she is still trying to shake jet lag; an overnight flight to Dublin is not going to help!

As usual packing about 15 kilos of photo gear as I expect the trip will yield much better scores on the photo front than they will on the golf course.

Dublin Ireland - On our way

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