San Cristobal - Day Seven

Really enjoying Casa Felipe Flores. Great breakfast at the B&B and then off to meet Chip Morris, the Mayan textile expert with whom we are going to spend tomorrow and Sunday in some outlying Mayan Indian villages. Wanted to get a chance to meet him before we set out tomorrow so that we can get to know each other a little and to get our itinerary sorted. Chip turns out be a quirky, very bright American expat who has lived in San Cristobal for 40+ years, learning some of the local Mayan dialects and studying their textiles. Next two days should be fun.Pedestrian street San Cristobal V is very keen to buy an amber necklace so Chip suggested we search out the amber wholesalers who congregate at one point in the market, against one of the retaining walls with their wares spread out on cloths. After some searching, we found them, most of their amber being bored and polished chunks, but unstrung. Looking, discussing and bargaining ensued and V now has the necklace she wanted which she will have mounted and strung back in Toronto. Price was about 10% of what I paid in Stockholm

Spent the rest of the day walking and soaking up atmosphere. I haven't yet mentioned that because we are at about 2,500 metres the weather is very brisk and downright cold in the shade, with a very nippy breeze blowing most of the time. Makes for brisk walking and because we, like everyone else wants to sit outside at restaurants while having lunch, warm clothes are a necessity. Had a very pleasant lunch on one of the pedestrian streets, sat in the sun and watched the world pass in procession. San Cristobal graffiti Dinner was in a restaurant that had been recommended, La Paloma, but I'm not going to give the link as it's not worth trying. Have not had a good meal since we arrived in San Cristobal, breakfasts aside, but am very hopeful tomorrow night as it's the one all the expats recommend. Will post review.

Home to our room, a big fire lit, a good tequila to sip and a crossword that the two of us are working on, to finish. Great end to a great day.

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